My ParenTEEN Life: back from Cuba…

It would only be appropriate for me to begin blogging after the overwhelming sensation that has come over my soul the past 10 days…

Literally, in ten days I have been kissed like I have never been kissed before, experienced Cuba, road on a train for the first time in my life, got lost riding it, completed my final coursework in graduate school and ended my final class THIS EVENING!!!

I will begin by sharing that last week I was passionately overtaken by the arms and kisses of a Spaniard at Malecon in Cuba, then I flew home literally hours after…

So I was invited to Malecon which is infamous for being a romantic love scene (wall along the atlantic ocean in Cuba) where people publicly express their passion for one another then after being kissed all night through the morning slept for only one hour and then left Cuba to Miami then took a shuttle to the train station, took a train to Ft. Lauderdale and then took a shuttle to the airport. After that, I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas, switched planes and then from Dallas flew to Austin, got picked up from my best friend Beba and then drove home to San Marcos …all in less than one whole day! Needless to say, last Saturday was truly adventurous (and not just the kiss, I missed the wrong train stop and had to haul booty back on another train back to Ft. Lauderdale!!!). ..

Sunday I was reunited with my son and my last week of graduate classes began. So the rest of the week I had classes, two final papers, two presentations and two more assignments that I am glad to say that today, April 30, 2012 I have completed!!! Today was my last graduate class for my graduate coursework. I had a really great day, considering I was finishing up my last term paper, and doing my other project after that, in addition to having had to walk to school twice in the blistering heat (literally, I got blisters!!!). Thanks to my sweet friend Summer, she took me to my evening class, and luckily my amazing son understood my hippy ways, as I walked BAREFOOT back home, yes, the entire 35 minutes…my feet hurt, and I couldn’t take the blisters on the tops of my feet so I just went comando, if you will…: )

I managed to get home with only one splinter and two very VERY dirty but still pretty, feet.

I have not really had a chance to wind down or even fathom my beautiful exploration of Cuba last week, nor have I been able to contemplate the fact that I came back and had one week to finish up my grad coursework and that I actually completed all my work and did not lose my sanity! I am truly amazed as I have now been able to experience and become friends with beautiful people in Mexico, Haiti, and Cuba, all during my parenTEEN life that many people have doubted and looked down upon. Thank you life, for my precious ambition and steadfast heart!!

I would like to share with you all that I have laughed and cried more these past ten days, more than I have in the past 15 years. When I mention that I have cried, I am talking about happy tears. I have not been this refreshed ever in my life. Nothing has changed naturally speaking, I was still overwhelmed with school, my bank account is negative, my car ran out of gas, and my feet hurt, badly… but Jonis and I have walked to our river during the night, he has helped me organize my stuff the past week for my last assignments, and we have really enjoyed eachother’s company as I have shared with him all my adventures in Cuba, including my adventures in Malecon.

I hope Jonis gets to experience life to the fullest as I have, in the midst of hardships and heartaches, I want him to LIVE and to LOVE. I know that he will too, I can already see it in his entire being: agressive faith, gently heart, strong-mind, pure soul and free-spirit.

I pray all of you, my friends and family, will live each day to the absolute fullest, and to love yourself and love life, because tomorrow is never assured. I may not currently have the best of everything, but I continue to make the best of every moment Life, God, the Universe, and my own Energy gives me…

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore “.  

I love you,